Patience oh Patience, where art thou?

Today I am ashamed to say… patience was lacking…..incredibly. MM had a meltdown because of shoes…..simple lil ‘ole shoes. And how did I respond? Definately not how I should’ve and I needed a mama time-out.

DH was there too, so I walked out the door to start the car (we were going somewhere) when I realized my patience was lacking…..and it worked. That mama Time-Out was what I needed to:




Realized I needed to take a deep breath

before I spoke another word.

Phew….thank you, God, for deep breaths. Thank you, God, for revitalizing me with a renewed sense of tranquility.

DH and I spoke of it later that evening and he said he didn’t understand why I did what I did. I really should’ve explained other than just telling him, “I make mistakes, I’m human.” I’ll tell him in the morning…..don’t want him thinking that I just walked out because I either didn’t care…..or couldn’t take it anymore at that moment, which is what he thinks.

I will continue to use Mama Time-Outs as needed……

I think it’s what the “Dr. ordered”…….a prescription that will not run out…I just need to remember to take it!!! LOL!

Peace to each of you