Hey there! I’m a SAHM, a wife and mother to 3 amazing kiddos, 2 bio girls and an adopted son born in Guatemala. The two girls are grown and on their own. Our son, who’ll be referred to in the blog as MM (munchkin man) is 4ish. Our son has been diagnosed with Attacment Disorder, Anxiety issues and SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder). This road is like a rollercoaster with its ups and downs. I won’t mince words….it’s tough, really tough to parent a child who’s angry, sad, rages, and plain and simple doesn’t trust a word I say. But there is hope…..I know it deep in my heart of hearts that there’s hope…..I can see it in MM’s eyes at times. I can feel it when he hugs me. I can hear it when he says he loves me. He WANTS to….but he is crying for help because he (nor we) can do this alone. So, come on this uphill ride with me as I learn to be more nurturing when he rages, and more trusting to him…..I’ve been entrusted by God to parent MM and I won’t let him down.


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