Vaca Here We Come!!!

We leave in the morning for vacation!!!! It’s about time, too! We are sooo ready to go! There is one problem though…..MM has a birthday coming in a couple weeks and he’s getting upset about it already.

He keeps telling me that he’s “NOT going to turn 5 and I mean it!” as he stomps his feet and runs off to his room or wherever. You see, he’s so afraid, no, actually he’s terrified of starting school that he doesn’t want to turn 5. Our children live with so many fears.  So many it is hard to keep count.

I won’t be writing much tonight since I’ve much to do even at this late hour. I am sorry about that…..but it is what it is.

I wouldn’t let MM up from the table until everyone was finished because dinner time is family time….even if he’s sulking….lol.

MM kept “pushing” his plate away. I insisted he keep his plate in front of him since he kept calling it “nasty!”  AND I honestly only gave him a tad more than a TBS full.

This vacation is going to prove quite interesting I’m sure of it. IT’s going to be very interesting to say the least and I’m sure all the campers around us are going to be calling 911 because of all the screaming that will be happening.


Blessings to you and your children…..



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