Giving….This is the time to Give!

It’s been a bit since I’ve posted…..I had a couple tests done last week to see if I can withstand surgery soon…..and have yet to receive the results. I’m actually kinda glad I don’t have the results yet because this gives me more time to ponder, to pray and to question whether or not the risk is worth it. I had a Myleogram test and they say you can get a bad headache from the test…..yep……sure did! I have had this migrane since last Monday! It’s had its time in my head….now it can kindly go away!

The last time I posted, I said that we were in a food battle with MM. Well, in the beginning… was tough and he went a couple days without eating dinner. But then, as if something in him just clicked, one night he decided to “try” what I ‘d made (Italian Meatballs) and he actually liked it. The funny thing is……the next day, he told his daddy that he “hoped we were having meatballs again tonight!” I cannot belive this is the same kiddo from a few weeks ago…..the very same kiddo who would cry and scream about having to try something new……the same kiddo that would refuse anything if it “looked” like it didn’t taste right….or if the moon wasn’t in perfect alignment with the 2nd star on the right….oh geez….who knows what made him tick. But it is working!!!!! We’ve stuck to our guns…..we refused to give in…..and he is now eating what we’re eating…..not completely yet as tonight we had shrimp and rice on the side. He ate the rice only. But he ate. YES!!!!!!

Today is a special day……it’s

I grew up down south……where Mardi Gras is a HUGE thing…..I’ve done New Orleans Mardi Gras (once) and it was a blast. But I grew up where we had the parades, the King Cakes, you name it…..if it had to do with Mardi Gras…..we did it (if if was clean that is). For those of you who need a refresher… is Shrove Tuesday….Mardi Gras……Fat Tuesday. Whatever ppl call it… all means the same thing…..the day before Ash Wednesday (the first day of Lent) where you can indulge before you must sacrifice in preparation for Lent which leads to Easter Sunday or Resurrection Sunday…..the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior. Typically people “give up” something for Lent…..I say…..don’t give up….but rather GIVE….give of your time, give of your resources, give more prayer time……just give. There are so many ppl starving for so much…….and we have the power within us to GIVE.

What are you going to give?

Blessings to you and your children…..



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