Mashed Up Monday’s: What a Ride, Can I Get Off, Now? Please!?

This week has been a rough go of it from all sides of the fence….from a RAD aspect……from a SPD aspect…..and a general pain in my rear aspect with computer woes. Not to mention that I had a Dr. appt today concerning the surgery I had exactly 1 month ago to the day….and someone was supposed to meet at the Dr. appt. to check on my surgery…..never showed up and when called, said, “I’m not coming. Tell her to call me later and we’ll arrange a time.” UH…..he was supposed to be there today….not “arrange another time!” I was not a happy girl, but I went to my local convenience store and purchased myself the biggest Diet Drink I could…..ahhhh. BTW….I gave up soda pop quite some time ago, but times like these call for the big guns!!

Gosh, where to begin on our whirlwind of a week……I reckon back when Munchkin Man wouldn’t eat the dinner prepared for him because he was “really hoping for something different tonight.” I had made spaghetti. He loves the noodles….plain noodles……yes, you heard me right, plain. No sauce, no butter, no seasonings, just plain. It honestly is part of his SPD…this kid hardly eats a variety of anything. If it’s mushy, he loves it. No texture to it…..gobbles it up. The ONLY thing he eats that is “hard” is cereal. Well, back to the story…..I made spaghetti…..we all love it, although dh is the only one who eats the sauce. Me…butter and parmasean cheese and I’m good to go. MM got to the table after being called to dinner, and saw, much to his disgust I see, what was on his plate before him to eat. He immediately started in……screaming, crying and throwing himself all over the place. “I’m not going to eat THAT!” he screamed. I calmly stated that if he didn’t want to eat it that was fine, but he wasn’t getting anything else….that is what I made for dinner and it’ll be on the table waiting for him until and only until mommy and daddy are done eating. He continued to throw himself all over the place….screaming that he wants X….over and over. Now….had I truly thought this was a meltdown or really something I needed to hold him for….I’d of done it in a second…..but I really think this was about control, and I wasn’t biting and he didn’t like that at all.

DH and I continued to encourage him to come eat with us… no avail. We gave up trying…he knew it was there…..and it would only be there while we were eating. When we finished, I took his plate and told him that, “dinner was now over.” HOLY COW… was like I told him that he couldn’t eat for a week. He screamed and tried to get the plate out of my hands…..control…..I thought so. I remained calm. I had had enough, believe me, but I remained calm as did dh. A little while later…..MM acted as if nothing had occurred. He was darn hungry the next morning though.

One of the signs/symptoms of RAD is cruelty to animals. We have a very small dog. We’ve had him long before MM came home. MM has been nothing but horrible to the dog. It is increasingly getting more frequent and he’ll keep his eyes on me and try to walk “into” the dog and push him with his legs. I cannot imagine what that poor dog goes through when I’m not keeping constant watch over both of them. Believe me, I try my hardest to keep them far from each other……for the sake of the dog. Well, tonight at dinner……MM kept kicking the dog under the table….I repeatedly (like 2-3 times) told him to stop and the last time I told him he’d lose all his toys for tonight (including the iPad to play with and tv…yes, the iPad is ours, not his…LOL). AS SOON AS I TURNED MY BACK….yep…he kicked the dog again!!! DH saw the whole thing. He lost his toys…..screaming and crying and throwing tantrums ensued. He even…..for the very first time…..tried to pick up the table at the edge and lift it and do what with it??? dunno. This last week, he also got angry at me for something (don’t remember what) and lifted up the mattress on my bed and was going to do something…..I reckon throw it. It scares me to think of what he’ll be capable of if his healing doesn’t progress.

Well….that was my exciting week…..sounds like I could’ve skipped it all together, huh? No….actually, there were some really great moments in there mixed with all the stuff I mentioned. In all seriousness, he’s usually moreso balanced than not. Oh….the computer woes….forgot about that……my computer is dying and now I cannot get online at all, or get to my e-mails (that is what happened first), boy it never ceases to amaze me how much we’re connected to our computers!!!! LOL!! Thank my lucky stars I have my trusty laptop!! Otherwise I’d be in the nuthouse by now!! I hope ya’lls week has been better than ours……but then again… could be worse I always say. Take time this week to look for the little moments of serenity….of peace and of love……it is there, I’m telling ya……don’t despair.

Blessings to you and your children!




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