O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree…

Here it is already…..December is upon us! This year seems to have just flown by. It is hard for me to fathom that Christmas is only a little over 3 weeks away!! Good thing we’re “almost” done with our shopping!! Which brings me to the subject for today’s post….the TREE!! Doesn’t everyone look so forward to going to get their tree? I know we do. Well, since last year that is. We’ve had a “fake” tree for our entire marriage, until last year when we finally broke down and decided it was time to have a REAL, LIVE tree!! Oh was I ever so happy, except for the constant sweeping up of the needles in my living room!! But it is so worth it for the smell of the freshness a real tree brings to the Christmas season in your home!

Munchkin Man and I went to the local Tree Farm and looked around for a suitable tree to fit in our Living Room….which dh told me would be a 6 foot tree. No problem…I can handle that. As long as someone else puts it in the back of the truck for me…lol. It was MM’s first time going to pick out a tree or being at a Christmas Tree farm….so to see his wonder and amazement was the best part of the day, honest. MM’s eyes were wide seeing the “humgoness” of them all, as he so eloquently put it. I only wish I’d of captured that look, his first look on my camera….but alas….I didn’t. It is etched in my memory forever though…..never to be forgotten.

MM wanted us to buy the Biggest and the Best tree we could find….and that tree happened to be about 12′ tall!! I had to break the news to him…..”Honey, daddy said we could only get a 6′ tree. That is all that will fit in our living room, I’m sorry, honey.” His little head hung with disappointment. Rather quickly, I might add, did his lil head bob up to see the tree he thought was “PERFECT”!!! Oh no…here we go again….”Honey, that tree is really tall. Let me show you how tall 6′ is, ok. Then you’ll know what to look for.” I showed MM….much to his disapproval, he agreed to find one on the rather “short” side. So we settled….and got a “short” and “honkin’ huge” tree….let me tell you….this tree is sooo big around….I kid you not!! It takes up so much room in our living room…..but it’s……..perfect!

MM touches the tree all throughout the day….saying how pretty our tree is….it isn’t even decorated yet. Isn’t that funny? Our tree looks like we have a tree growing in our Living Room…..and he loves it!!

This is what it’s all about…..the tree is all about……for us…..to bring a smile…..to evoke memories of Christmas’ long ago of our own childhood….and to make the best memories for our own child. I love that kiddo of ours with my whole heart, my whole soul….to the very depth of me…..and to see his smile, his laughter….to see him simply touch the tree and get excited…well, that just makes my day!!

Blessings to you and your children….



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