Misbehavior…..Part 3

In continuing with the series on Becky A. Bailey’s book, Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline, speaking about the 7 essential functions that Misbehavior serves, we are on #3 in this post.

Ms. Bailey states that, Misbehavior helps children learn what thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are appropriate to have toward others. Children vent their frustrations with others as well as they can. Parents need to teach them better ways to express themselves.

MM has been having a hard time with venting his frustrations lately. I don’t know why, but lately he’s been making this grunting noise every single time he gets frustrated or doesn’t like something say that is on the TV show he’s watching. As Ms. Bailey so eloquently states, it’s my job as his mama, to teach MM a better way to vent those frustrations. First and foremost, we cannot control what we happens to the characters on the TV and certainly cannot hold them accountable for our frustrations when the outcome is not what we had hoped. This happens a lot in Television…..we want the bad guy to get caught and go to jail, not be glorified in the movie. We want the guy to get the girl…..but she picks someone else or vise versa. You get my drift.

Another thing that MM has a “problem” with doing a lot is making faces at someone when he’s upset with them….same thing….does this to the TV and to us. This is sooo disrespectful and I don’t like it one bit. But I’m not dealing with a child who is emotionally his age….he’s much younger emotionally due to the trauma so I cannot expect him to “act his age.” I have to remind myself of this A LOT when I’m disciplining him. I catch myself wanting to think that he should know better by now.

And just exactly how do you discipline a child with RAD and SPD? Well, that is going to be another post…..as that will take some explaining!! I don’t want to get off subject here.

Remember that Discipline is a lifelong journey, so enjoy it….as said by Becky A. Bailey.

Blessings to you and your children….




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