Forever Family Day is Coming

Hey there…..been kinda quiet here. Or should I say, I haven’t blogged in a week…man o man….not like me at all. I’m back to it….thankfully as it helps me and it is theraputic for me to write things out….kinda works things through in my head.

Has anyone tried the last 2 ideas I posted? I’m telling you, it WORKS like a charm!! MM hasn’t gotten out of his seat at meal times not even ONCE since after the first few days of implementing it. I”m totally amazed still.

I have a birthday coming this week…yikes….I’ll be *ahem* an age that I’m not happy about because it brings me closer to another age I’m not too fond of. LOL. But my birthday is overshadowed by the fact that 2 days later is the anniversary of the very first time we had MM placed in our arms!! It’s our Forever Family Day. The day that will be etched in my brain and memory forever! It was a bittersweet day….but more on that later…on the actual anniversary of the day (Sept. 30). I’m thrilled beyond measure about my birthday present this year! I got to pick it out as dh says “You know what you want…here’s X amt. to spend and get/order what you want.” I went a wee bit over that amount because I actually bought 2 items for my dslr camera. I’m in love with photography! I’m such an amatuer though. I practice and practice…mainly on MM who is sooo sick of the camera. Me…never sick of taking pics and learning new things. I got this camera as last years Birthday/Christmas present and I’ve learned so much in the past year! I’ve taken over 2,500 pics since I got the Olympus Pen epl-1. I’m in love with its features. You can crop, edit, etc…all from the convenience of your camera BEFORE you even take the pic!! This is a pic of my camera:

It is lightweight like that of a point and shoot but is an actual dslr. I can’t get over how little it is. There is even a new Olympus one out now….cool! But I’m happy with what I have. Now…I have a few Canon lenses and that is what I bought (from dh for my birthday)…another lens and an extension tube for extreme close-ups. OH MAN…can’t wait to try these out! I had to purchase an adaptor for the camera so I could use my Canon lenses. It was minimal in price to be able to not have to purchase other lenses….If I remember correctly, it was like $65 for the adaptor.

ok…Back to Forever Family Day coming soon. It is funny how early on in our journey to adopt, I was kinda blind to all this RAD, SPD and such….I was wearing rose colored glasses for sure. BUT on the very first day that we had MM with us in Guatemala….I KNEW for certain something was not quite right. You may know the feeling I’m talking about. I couldn’t put my finger on it…but something was amiss. MM was hitting us the first day and still is hitting other kiddos, swings at us, etc. He has so much anger pent up inside of him. It makes me want to cry……but I know that I must trudge onward and be his comfort, be his constancy, be his mama….exert control so he doesn’t feel like he has to be the one in control. Traumatized children count on themselves and themselves only….until they heal. We’re working on that …..true healing. We’ve been using “strong sitting” for a few weeks now. MM will even ask to do the strong sitting. It clears their brain… them a sense of calmness. We do this throughout the day at least 3 times a day for now.

Look for my post on Forever Family Day this coming Friday (Sept. 30th)…it ought to be an interesting one.

Peace and blessings to you and your children…..




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