Thomas and Friends…You’re a BIG Help!!

MM simply cannot cannot cannot sit still no matter what!! That is just who he is because of his RAD. I’ve accepted it…well, sort of.

I’m worried that when he goes to school next year he’ll have a difficult time with the teacher because she won’t tolerate the 20+ times he gets up JUST during a meal alone!! MM has gone to Daycare and Preschool since he came home from Guatemala until only recently when we pulled him out because it just wasn’t a healthy “healing” place for him. More on that in another post.  What they did for my lil munchkin man was for when he was in circle time, put duct tape in the shape of a square in his spot and he could move around inside of that spot ONLY. It worked for him. Phew!

He’s now home all day with me and we do “school” here at home. I’m not homeschooling per say, but I’m working daily with him as if he were in school. Not homeschooling because he’s only 4….but that is an option for next year….we’ll see where he’s at then.

I got a hair-brained idea the other day to make index cards with numbers on them and he’d have to cash them in to get out of his chair during meals. Today is only day two…and it’s working soooo well so far!!!! I’m very very pleased to say the least! Here’s how I made the cards:

  •  11 very large index cards (the very same ones that are for the ABC’s of Us)
  • Thomas the Train clip Art from Google Images (each train has a # so it makes sense to use those for each # and he LOVES Thomas)
  • Thomas and Friends Stickers for decoration on the index cards
  • Cool Colored typed out number names, ie: One, Two, etc..
  • tape and acid free glue stick
  • cutting board to make clean edges
  • coordinating colored papers behind each Engine

Instructions: Gather and print your Thomas and Friends engine photos…..the extra one for us was Sir Toppam Hatt. I’ll post a pic so you see what I did with him.  Cut out the photos, glue the photos of engines to coordinating colored card stock or paper. Print out from a cool font in cool colors that also coordinate, the number words…one through ten. Cut them out and glue them on the index cards. Use Thomas and Friends stickers to further embellish your index cards. I didn’t laminate them YET…but will be doing so because I don’t want sticky food fingers ruining them. The one with Sir Topham Hatt says, “Extra Special Excuse to Move!” It can be cashed in once all are used up.

Now…how is it working for us? Well, I made them yesterday….at dinner last night, he only cashed in on TWO of them!! And at breakfast this morning he only cashed in Four of them!! This is incredible because it was ALWAYS 20+times up per meal!! I’ve stumbled onto something here!! I hope and pray that if you choose to use this too… works just as well for your kiddos!!!!!

Peace and Blessings to you and your children…



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