Sweet Dreams and Lullabys

MM has always had a time of going to bed at night. He doesn’t do well with any transition at all. Once in bed, he’s asleep in no time flat…..but he’s not willing to go without a fight (crying/fits).

Our nightime routine is like this:

MM lays down on the couch with both of us sitting with him, one at feet and one at his back. We both are either playing with his feet, or are scratching his back…..trying to acheive attachment through healing touch (and just showing him we love him sooo much). We then sing him lullabys, some silly made-up crazy songs that dh does, and then there are some serious ones. After the lullabys, one of us will hold him for a few minutes at the picture window that has a nice view and either sings more lullabys or talks gently about possibilities out in the world, etc. Then we both tuck him into bed. We love our bed time routine.

MM has expressed that he’s scared to pieces that we won’t come back for him when we drop him off at preschool, grandma’s, etc. I believe most if not all adopted kiddos go through some form of this….some more severe. MM is incredibly clingy and has to be pryed off of me at preschool all the while screaming and crying. Breaks my heart in two every time.

Since MM expessed this deep in his heart concern…..I wrote him a lullaby to help ease his fears. I can only hope that he knows that we mean what we say….we’re here forever…..we’re not going anywhere…..we love him more than anything in this world, no matter what…..that he can come to us for anything….anything. Here’s MM’s Lullaby:



You need not worry your little head, when I lay you down for bed. Mama’ll never go away, Daddy, too, he’s here to stay. A forever family we have now, So turn that frown upside down.

There is more…..but you get the jist of it…….NOTE: please don’t steal this!! This is a personal lullaby that I wrote for us….but I wanted to share it with you, please respect that.

Peace to each of you…..




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